Why Homeraga ?


Imagine a scenario when you have to get a customized modular kitchen made or get a new wardrobe done. Stressed! That’s right. The age old methodology that is being followed by the market, for making modular kitchens and wardrobes, is too painful. From the time you have to identify a carpenter, to the choice of raw materials, to execution – all you get is STRESS!

I am sure your mind will immediately start looking for option number 2, which would be the modular kitchen players from Germany and Italy available in the market boasting of latest technologies but costs 3 to 4 times your budget. Stressed again!!




With Home Raga you can say good bye to stress. We are your one stop shop from designing to manufacturing to installation. That’s because we understand your space. Our scientific process ensures that you don’t get stressed for your kitchens or ward robes. Our in house designers first understand your requirements, suggest you the possible options, sit with you to explain the utility of each element, and then go on to design your kitchen or wardrobe. And our expert teams of installers do the rest, without you undergoing any hassles of execution.

We follow a very simple yet scientific process, which can be summed up as :

We design the kitchen as per your space and requirements.

Finalization of materials is done, finishes are chosen, hardware and accessories selected and a final project cost submitted for your approval.

Once the design is approved, Final measurements at site are taken, and then put into production.

Production is done in the factory on German machines. Electrical, Plumbing and tiling work to be executed and supervised at site is discussed with you.

Installation of your modular kitchen done within the given time liens.

Post installation cleaning and inspection done to your complete satisfaction.